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Scuola Sci Pizzo tre Signori - Lezioni di sci a Valtorta e Piani di Bobbio
Scuola Sci Pizzo Tre Signori

    The Ski School Pizzo Tre Signori gives ski and snowboard lessons during the whole winter season, everyday starting from 8.45 am to 4.30 pm.

    Our lessons take place on the slopes of the ski area Piani di Bobbio – Valtorta, reachable both from Milan and Bergamo. The ski area offers slopes suitable for all levels: beginners (blue slopes), intermediate (red slopes) and expert athletes (black slopes).

    Our instructors are young, active and properly qualified to impart to all their pupils (adults and children from 3 years) the rudiments and the emotions of alpine skiing and snowboarding.


    PRICES (55 min-lesson)

    1 person 40,00 €

    2 people 50,00 €

    3 people 60,00 €


    The cost of the skipass is not included, for further information about the prices visit the website


    We also organise group lessons every weekend and during Christmas and Carnival holidays.


    If you come from Valtorta (Bergamo area) and you book a lesson with us, you can benefit from our offer at

    the rental place Pizzo Tre Signori.

    If you come from Barzio, you will also have the possibility to rent. You can choose among four different places: B-Rent, Sorgente Sport, Valsecchi or Martino Sport.


    Our main office is located inside the restaurant Risto Funivia, which is the first you can find at the arrival of the cable car that takes to Piani di Bobbio from Barzio.

    If you need information or you want to book your lessons with our instructors do not hesitate to contact our clerks

    Mob. +39 388 737 0050
    Email. info@scuolascipizzotresignori.eu